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"Atlas" Beta v1.0 finally released.

Saturday, October 21, 2006
Yes, yes, I know it is not "Atlas" anymore, but I am just too overly superbly irritated by the term AJAX, and too lazy to write ASP.NET AJAX, instead of just "Atlas", so I just decided to call it Atlas from now on =).
Anyway, the beta version of Atlas is very exciting news for me today. I personally haven't download and try the new beta (I have been out of town for a couple of days), but I have been skimming the new "manual" that makes me excited even more! They said that now Atlas support Safari (yay!), and the future release will support Opera browser as well. But I think the thing that got me most excited is:
"In the RTM release, the load event is also raised on partial page refresh scenarios, and you
can therefore run code in the pageLoad function to manipulate objects that may have been
recreated as a result of the round trip."
How excited!!!???!!! Well, may be not for you but It really is for me since my project got decent bugs in creating Atlas object/recreating Atlas object with partial page rendering(it really frustates me, k?). So, I am really hoping that this release will solve my problems.
More than that, Atlas team decided to change some of the aliases like $(element) shortcut for document.getElementById with $get to avoid collision with other javascript API (I think what they mean by this is the infamous prototype library).
There are really tons of change in this beta release. I don't want to discuss this just yet, but will do right after I downloaded and play with it tomorrow. It's 5:19 AM, so pardon my writing.

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