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My Experience with the Beta release of "Atlas" part I

Monday, October 23, 2006

Well, well, well ... After playing with the Beta release today, I am very overwhelmed with the changes that they made from CTP to this Beta 1.0 version.

First in order is of course the changes in web.config file. At first I tried to manually rewrite the web.config file by copy-pasting the code from the beta's web.config. It turns out that this approach caused me tons of problem. The most annoying one is that standard <asp:???> tags didn't get recognized (even I rebuild and rebuild the website). Then, I just erased my web.config  and copy the web.config file from the beta and add some lines like <connectionstrings> or <system.net> into my web.config file. After that, I followed the AjaxToolkit guide in modifying web.config and Voila! the page compiled successfully with no errors.

Second in order is modifying my codes. This is where I spend most of the time since there are a lot of codes that I need to rewrite(modify) in order to adapt to the beta release.

          Yes, no more properties, just extender. Simplicity works well here.
          But, yikes, this is a lot of work!

I love the performance gained by the beta release. My pages are more responsive, and they load very fast (eventhough the site is not precompiled). And surely, MS needs to write better documentation and better migration document. I feel that I get very confused reading them. There are value-add, ajax-core (RTM), clientFX, serverFX, and AJAX CTP itself in this release.  Which one control which? Which one support xml-script? Which one don't? Other than that, Intellisense is gone at the content page-level (just for standard asp tags) when using updatepanel in masterpage that wraps the contentplaceholder. One solution to this is to change the "asp" prefix for the Ajax controls back to "atlas". I hope they will fix this soon.

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