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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Lately, with the buzz about "Ajax" technology, there are a lot of online word processing web-app (similar to Microsoft Word) that can be accessed from any computer that has internet access (and of course with web browser).
What make them interesting, is the fact that they are FREE! People like me who are too cheap to spend hundreds of dollar to buy expensive word processor apps are very "benefited" with these free web-apps (yay!).
Personally, I love the writely from Google, which in fact sometimes does not work perfectly (it's still in beta version). Other than writely, I also tried Zoho writer, which more "pretty" interface-point-of-view and more responsive (faster) than the writely. Why don't you give them a try and see it for yourself:

Google's Writely
Zoho Writer
Ajax Write

Man, I love free stuff .. =)

ps: actually, I used openoffice.org extensively too, since they are free and reliable =)

yes you do, yes you do...
now... let's get some good food that's not free :p like korean soup or peking duck? i'm craving for those two!!!!!!

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