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Does Your Internet Explorer 7 crash everytime you open it?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
And do you use google desktop? If so, I have a simple solution for that. After installing Google Desktop a couple days ago, my Internet Explorer 7 crash everytime I open it. I thought that some of my add-ons (I installed web-dev for IE, stumble-upon) causes this. After a couple days of investigation I found out that when you enable web history indexing on google deskto, it will make the IE crash. To disable it, you simply set preference on your google desktop (right click > preference) to not index the web history, and voila!! IE works like before.


i dont know it dude, i have no internet explorer 7 on my laptop, since i use linux coz i can't afford buying Windoze Pissta.
Where's your new posting?
I found your blog via google.

Yup, let's just use Firefox. =) I deleted my new post since they're in Indonesian and I'm afraid that it will get me banned from Yahoo Publisher account =) Thanks for checking out though.

Good for people to know.

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